a survival instinct..


Kieslowski’s final step to its dramatic trilogy is more soothing and lighter than any of its installment. If the previous ones depicted the ideologies of the aftermath of catastrophic events and a subjective procedure of how to survive them, this one at least grabs your attention with a lighter perspective. Nevertheless, the gist remains the same, the method is more subtle and complex than the previous ones. This one is made to make you sweat on your seat. It demands you to be on the edge of your seat. It is a tale that makes you think. The argumentative conversation, morally complex situation and ethically challenged solutions, this one is much more talkative and yet is still inexpressive than any of its chapter.

It is way too layered and mature than we usually get. This final death sentence of the trilogy, is a remarkable revelations on terms of storytelling. Kieslowski has much more Shakespeare in him than it comes off. He takes those same emotion and impute them at different situations and different characters, and projects the range and parallel nature of that single emotion. The narrative is adaptive and layered with sharp conversations that amps up the charge to a whole new level. There is more ruggedness in here, despite of it not being that sinister and dark than its previous chapters.

It stands alone in the entire trilogy. This one is brighter and sweeter, it doesn’t demand attention, it just keeps pulling you back in with its unstoppable force. Trintignant is a threat on screen, he can be mean as a street but his nurturing is quite mellow. His ideologies are off track and yet sane than most of the characters. But personally, I prefer, Jacob’s simpler and honest character. The innocence of hers that is latter filtered by the outer perspective, is just one of the best bits of the feature. Trois Couleurs: Red is the perfect conclusion to the trilogy, it has a survival instinct.

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