the emotions a person goes through..


Kieslowski’s heartbreaking reminiscing venture is pious and naked on terms of the route it follows. The aftermath of such a major upheaval, the repercussions that it costs and the emotions a person goes through, is what’s this tale about. But don’t jump on the conclusions yet, Kieslowski is a real trickster when it comes to storytelling. His range is so vast and detailed, that you find yourself floating in its bubble staring at the abyss beauty of it. Armed with jaw dropping score and eye popping cinematography, this is certainly a cinema at its peak. The narration follows the protagonist from the first frame till the curtain drops.

This is something that isn’t often seen. And addition to that, to keep the audience still tangled in its pathos bubble and rooting for the characters is what sweetens this layered cake. The screenplay is tightly packed with gripping plot and adaptive metaphorical tone that is beautifully poetic. Even though the entire concept is dipped in brimful of poignancy, the language of the picture is utterly soothing and hopeful to the core. Kieslowski keeps giving you back at each definite interval, he genuinely cares about the quality of his story. Binoche is literally the soul survivor of the movie.

She has the potential to melt you down within the first few minutes of her screentime. And when she is offered such a three dimensional character, she soars against all the hokum of your expectations and stunningly fabricates her portrayal onto the screen, this is arguably the best work of her career. Chugging down all the viscous material and loping it up on the screenplay, Kieslowski pushes the boundaries of cinema to newer territories and builds a safe home for the script. Trois Couleurs: Bleu is fairly one color foliated into many, and it is that transition that the makers succeed at.

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