your gullibility towards this sweet tale won’t end up..


Lynn’s mockery over the judicial system and the lower mentality of the society works like a charm that sweeps away its runtime in front of your eyes and your gullibility towards this sweet tale won’t end up. It is not flat out hilarious. Maybe, because it doesn’t try too hard. It is happy in its convenience. And it’s that flow that makers doesn’t wish to stop and neither do we. Satisfied within its range, this soothing feature endorses your textbook comic sequence with a bit of drama imputed in it that helps it make it more grounded and practical. And giving the script a hand, is the performance that makes it more pragmatic and believable. This hilarious casting is apt for this sort of storyline.

Pesci on the driver’s seat has been allotted basically his home ground. This is his forte. Whether then be it to argue without any knowledge or do physical comedy, his range never fails to surprise you. His comic timing is off the roof. But this isn’t a one man army war. The story demands a better guide to this protagonist and Tomei is just the actor to portray this character. Her accent, her whining over little things and a vital “witness” to this case, she is a competition to Pesci. Their bittersweet relationship is the trump card of the feature.

The narration though, is mediocre throughout the course. It’s that flat line that is off putting. Even the courtroom drama offers you the expected chills and nothing extraordinary. Lynn manages to keep a big smile on your face thoroughly with Launer’s simple and sensible script and his decent execution. There are no surprising elements, nothing to be mesmerized about. My Cousin Vinny is just like your cousin, you wouldn’t leave your ears off when it has to say something, but you wouldn’t miss it too, after the curtain drops.

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