isn’t that sinister as the original one..


Green’s take on Carpenter’s scariest night, is plausible but is certainly not palpable to the tone and nor is equally scary as it should have been. And the primary reason to that is the uncertainty that was kept alive in the original installment, that is clearly the missing puzzle in here. Although, Green does get few gigs right. And by right, I mean, bang on bucks. There are few jaw dropping revelations that can leave you shook and make you think twice before moving ahead. But that’s as much as thinking you are about to get in here. It takes steps that are more harrowing then the previous one even ever dared to do so. And yet it still isn’t that sinister as the original one. Probably, because of the innocence and the rawness that is left untouched in this one.

The narration is gripping and adaptive but isn’t layered or thought provoking as it was anticipated. And as far as answers are concerned you are still left under the shades, all the ones that were essential, were given in the ’78 version of Carpenter’s. The editing and the conversations, at times makes it a bit spooky and sketchy and not on terms of the genre but on terms of the practicality that it attempts to achieve. The silent pitches that used to create the glass cutting tense environment on the screen, is a big void waiting to be filled. The horrors and screams seems manipulative and most of the time is spent upon creating obvious close calls that aren’t going as expected. Green is a good filmmaker and there are clear signs of that.

But it takes a much more evil mind to create the perfect horror, and that is something that can neither be learnt or taught, it comes natural and unfortunately Green doesn’t have it in him. Curtis is back on the suit except this time it is armored with guns blazing on both the shoulder. She is hurt and evolved with starry eyes that can kill anyone. She oozes power to a point where it creates catastrophe on others lives too, and mind you, this character that may look bad and rough on the outer surface and is actually soft on the inner side, doesn’t actually go as one might think. Greer is convincing but the rest of the supporting cast doesn’t get anything beyond your stereotypical pawns of a horror genre.

The sound effects are sharp and also at times a but loud, but since Green uses it as a tool in a narration especially when he has to transition from one scene to another, it works for the most part of it. The upgraded background score on the original version by Carpenter himself, is astonishing and breathtaking that creates a dreadful impact among the viewers. Halloween is a decent feature as both an individual and a sequel, but its existence is somewhat questionable and to listen to Green for around two hours for him to convince you for its reasons that are justified, seems a bit of a stretch.

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