misconceived on a much larger scale..


Fleisher’s Marvel entry is neither marevellous nor plausible in any whatsoever form of cinema. Even a commercial cinema attempts with all the dedication to keep the viewers tangled in its self-created world. But this is a poorly constructed tale that brags about pulling off a faster and gripping screenplay, in each frame. Whilst the truth is, it skips out the essential bits and makes less and less sense as it ages on screen. And this is the only graph that grows as it moves forward, it never fails to surprise us on disappointing with a newer tactic.

The emotions are shallow, the action is a big mess and the visual effects are questionable. Now these were the thing to be expected upon, since the storytelling that is worth listening to, gets shucked away within first few minutes of the feature. Fleisher’s comfort genre i.e. humor, too is forcely imputed and barely draws out a chuckle in its almost and over-stretched two hours. The characters are undercooked and hence are immensely difficult to be read upon, despite of having such loud one dimensional characteristics. Hence, it naturally makes the actors to fill in those shoes, difficult.

Williams is disappointing but she is not the one to blame, similar is the case with Ahmed and Slate. Hardy had a wider range and when I say wide, I meant he had two roles to shift in every now and then, which he does convincingly in here. And addition to that, Hardy is a hard working actor living among us, his commitment on justifying the beloved comic character, is crystal clear in here. But a sinking script like such has no savior, not even someone with a caliber like Hardy. The chase sequence that is unnecessarily long, is purely banal where if taken a step back and thought twice about it, its existence itself can tell a lot about the feature.

The so called thrills that it aspires to achieve is misconceived on a much larger scale than usual, the “awe” moments are barely the “oh” moments. Fleisher’s execution is the frizziest composition of all, and mind you it had to compete with its equally challenging script. There are few things that it gets right which is the repercussions that it causes when something enters into your body and this is probably one of the best bit of it, as Hardy keeps resisting his inner voice. But these are the things extracted from the comic books, on terms of originality there is a void to be filled in here.

The narration seems in awful rush throughout the course of the feature, which is something that itches especially if your beloved character is getting ripped off on screen. This mishap of few stunts, a big cgi action sequence, few twists and turns and one big seen-this-seen-that motto that would end up wiping out the entire world, is why it is more sad than bad. Venom is Hardy’s tale, no matter what echos through that empty hall, the work is always to be looked upon.

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