the inherited strength..


Kwapis’s teenage drama might be your typical textbook with the same chapters, but it still is worth reading in a summer breeze. There is a perfect balance of character development and compelling storytelling in here. But unfortunately it still isn’t enough to bedazzle the viewers since they are somehow not reliable on each other, in fact at certain points it looks like forcibly imputed and overridden until the emotions grows shallow. The inherited strength that comes in with such a concept is the grippiness and pace that keeps the audience invested since the tale is divided into four different tracks that can have fifteen minutes of busy and competent storyline.

And as much as easy it grows to depict these tracks, it is equally difficult to blend them and keep a lose thread for the audience to follow whose credit goes to Kwapis as he has done a tremendous work on that note along with the editing that is sharp and well filtered. Aforementioned, the narration is gripping and adaptive if not subtly layered as it might think. Tamblyn’s track is not only fresh and stronger than any others but her performance too is convincing. Bledel’s typical formulaic love track is elevated with her decent performance and stunning visuals.

Ferrera’s three dimensional and a bit faulty character is what helps keep this magical tale more grounded. Lively has possibly the simplest track but her impact due to the performance and the procedure that digs deep into characterization is why it comes up, compared to any others, like a bubble. The procedure also is stretched a bit by Kwapis that shucks away the somewhat potential it had to enter the major league. The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants is just like a summer week, it has its moments and it has its flaws.

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