as long as you are with this sane family..


Silverman’s 90 minutes of practically a flood of sharp humor is too much to handle. It literally is a flat out hilarious with gags like you have never seen and jokes like you have never heard. The stupidity, the cunningness, the slick one liners and the sarcasm, everything blends in with such flamboyancy in one whole act that it warps you back to your childhood days. You find yourself rooting for a more troubled and extreme sadistic version of the society that it mocks on such large scale. And it is that feeling that rarely does a comedy genre offers you, which is in plethora of.

It teases you and satisfies you with its dumbness and ludicrous ideologies that keeps you giggling throughout the course of the feature. On terms of storytelling, it is basically a textbook satirical track that meddles with powers and responsibility. But with all the loud distractions and references that is drawing your attention through humor, you couldn’t care less about where it takes you. You are just happy as long as you are with this sane family. The voice cast does a tremendous work as usual and cracks us up on each line possible, their comic timing is obviously off the hook.

Homer’s wise words are just pure gem, his quick ideas that backfires vigorously and his lazy notions that always brings trouble, he is a genuinely moving character that grounds this sketchy world. It also takes few things a bit too far that can be off putting, but the hard work of sketch artists is clearly visible in here where they use the entire frame on the screen to keep you attentive towards it. The Simpsons Movie is basically a two part episode stretched over by better material, it won’t change a dime but then it doesn’t have to when it is this funny.

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