these are big shoes to be filled..


Melfi’s adaptation of Shetterly’s book fails to grasp the stakes and magnitude of the content that the entire feature orbits around. And it can easily be filtered out from all the running sequences it executes since it could have been a bit more intense than it actually pretends to be. The narration is not only adaptive and gripping but contains layered dialogues that strikes well on your mind that highlights the entire sequence through it. If Henson; the protagonist, fails to live up to the potential of the role offered to her and mind that these are big shoes to be filled, she is blessed with an incredible supporting cast that helps elevate the momentum in each frame.

No matter how stereotypical Costner’s character gets, he still delivers thoroughly and on the other hand Spencer too leaves a long lasting impression through her performance. Although, Monae, Dunst and Parsons are surprisingly not convincing enough to blend in aptly into these numbers along with a bit amateur editing and lazy background score. The theme of the tale is genuinely fascinating as the three lead characters resonates their persona with such impactful notions in the storytelling that you cannot not be moved by it.

They swoop in as their savior with such subtilty that you are practically wolfish rooting for more and more. And with the conflicts like such and the rivalries that anchors and holds them down, these moments glorify them itself. Melfi is undoubtedly a better writer than the director, his nature to weave out a gripping structure is much more powerful than convincingly projecting one. A tale fragile and powerful as Hidden Figures probably required better methodology and treatment in order to draw out more than a nod from the viewers, but the work that went in here is still plausible enough to explore these figures.1

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