a breath of fresh air in this hectic mechanical world..


Soderbergh’s unflinching reply to the misogynistic mentality is a real timeless gem. Ticking for more than two hours, it follows one and only one track that keeps us tangled in this traffic of mediocrity through which the protagonist soars as an obvious clear winner. It is not believable because it is real but is real because it is believable. This insanely sane character of Roberts is just a breath of fresh air in this hectic mechanical world. And despite of the fact that she is dipped into one, she is surprisingly calm, smart and hard worker than the ones surrounding her.

She stands alone not only on these characteristics but the tiny notions that shows her humbleness. And amidst all these fine qualities, she is also flawed and blatant about few fragile things which actually sculpts her to a more effective and humane that makes its easier to connect. Aforementioned, the narration is adaptive and layered if not gripping and is also too much mechanic that is unfortunately imputed with unfiltered storytelling of it. And this is where Soderbergh swoops in, he takes his time, he glorifies each moments through his brilliant finesse on execution that keeps the thrills alive.

The dialogues aren’t just mere a medium to converse but has their own characters, especially the way they are delivered by Roberts. The eerie buoyant natured script is what keeps us thriving and wolfish for the behemoth exposure that this case is, since the revelations are enfolded with equal sincerity that keeps us giving back and back. And to justify these reasons is what Soderbergh’s job is and he is well aware of it. Erin Brockovich is a force to be reckoned with and not because of all the prowess that it possess but the line drawn on its ideal state.

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