a hectic subway ride that lasts for more than an hour..


Reeves’s field of horror is so fixated on the crisp of the thrills, that it fails to stand on its structure let along impute a heat on the soul. It is as cold as the world depicted in here, it is basically a razzle dazzle that usual alien invaded tale follows. The only thing it has draw in its viewers is through its perspective which unfortunately is exciting in its initial stage but grows questionable as it ages on screen. The camera work keeps us so busy that you are always attentive towards it, which unfortunately wears down quickly and is then just a hectic subway ride that lasts for more than an hour; you might leave the screen with a headache. It is awfully loud and unnecessarily brimmed with explosives that is clearly mind-numbing.

The narration is fast and gripping but it certainly isn’t layered or thought provoking and takes its genre sci-fi for granted. Forcibly installed humor shucks away the somewhat earned intensity on each step. The entire feature is imbalanced on its self-created ground that it fails to walk on and just ends up fumbling down the road for attaining its moot closure. There isn’t much range offered to the actors to flaunt in aptly but it is not that the allotted acts are on the mark by these performers; they need a better boost.

Aforementioned, the sound effects are loud and blunt and the visual effects aren’t convincing enough to terrify the audience as it was anticipated. Reeves’s efforts are clearly visible but it also isn’t enough to float this sinking script whose ironically, the strength of the concept itself weighs it down like an anchor. Cloverfield is a wiped out field before it even habitats itself, it only works as a dinner table discussion, clearly not as a major motion picture.

Posted by:Arth

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