aptly horrifying and tender at the same time..


Ford’s debut major motion picture is more beautiful in its own poem then it accounts for its sinister nature. Yes, it has a bit sadistic tone but it somehow how is contradictory to what it pretends to be, which is something rare and mesmerizing that we do not usually get. As much as simple the tale is, the narration is equally twisted where the editing plays a major role in here. And since the tale is simply sensible, all the big guns are directed towards the characters. And boy, what a character projection it has. It goes in deep, it shows you newer and more naked territories than you have ever seen. Just the trajectory of the entire thinking of a character’s each move itself is pure brilliance.

Addition to that, taking only around an hour and a half to convey this message it is thoroughly competent and heartbreaking to encounter this feature. With a perpetually sane background score that is aptly horrifying and tender at the same time, Ford’s vision is just as sharp as those musical notes. On the screen to foliate all these words into an act, Firth has never been much more armed than he is in this complex English professor’s suit. He reads and he speaks, he consumes and he then roars, it is a sensational portrayal of his that demands attention of the viewers.

And supporting him convincingly, Moore stands on her ground where even the fumbling is all part of an act. The emotions transferred from ones to the others through their action, is one of the best thing that Ford fiddles with, he keeps the road so shady and under an unknown supervision that you ought to be careful and attentive towards each details. A Single Man is actually the work of both Ford and Firth, both of them makes a lethal duo on screen, a force to be reckoned with.

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