with fluidity and ferrocious rage..


Wardle’s journey in here breathes the nature of transition with fluidity and ferocious rage. After many attempts on attaining a closure to this harrowing case, Wardle came the closest to the answer with sheer passion and thorough investigation of him and his team that offers a somewhat end point to it. It pays off more than well in here, since ticking for more than 90 minutes, this documentary is not only gripping but exhilarating to encounter. Wardle’s work could not be more simple but to understand the impact of such a tale is essential. And his money is on the winning bet. The tale itself keeps you in an awe of it and Wardle’s job is to mellow down other aspects and just let the voice be heard.

It begins with electrifying celebratory tone that keeps the audience engaged in its magical or as someone mentions “Disney-alike” bubble that keeps popping newer territories. The screenplay is tightly packed with jaw dropping revelations on each page that uncoils into chaos and excruciating details. And it’s that transition that Wardle excels at and it’s that transition that makes it hit the sharpest note and deepest cut. Wardle excels at, from offering the dose of euphoric energy to leaving you shook on your seat through its nakedness of nature.

Another primary piece of puzzle that he fiddles with are the clips that is shown repetitively and each time the gist or meaning changes as a newer perspective adds on. As much as plausible the narration is, the editing is somewhat disappointing, for there are few either blank zones or filtered revelations that is not acceptable. Both the brothers, that invested and are part of this tale have given equal enthusiasm to each stage of the storytelling and that is what makes it compelling and competent since they are guiding us throughout the course of the documentary.

Aforementioned, the research carried off by this team is finely detailed and well crafted afterwards into the plot track where the audience is in that still stage till the last frame hits. Despite of not achieving the aspired objective, the documentary raises fair questions that are answered through various perspectives and agendas but at the end, it is left to us and it makes you think twice after leaving the screen.

There are few notions where it shucks away the integrity, especially when it attempts to draw out the emotions by manipulating the viewers, if kept subtle at those points, the honesty in it had enough potential to melt you down on your seat. Nevertheless, this passion project keeps you in an awe of it through peeling off the horrendous nature that resides within humans and alongwith that it differentiates the motives behind any actions and the repercussions that it latter breeds. It’s that side of the coin that is flipped by Wardle in here.

Three Identical Strangers is no stranger on terms of the wider range it offers to us, what it’s stranger at, is calculating the magnitude of the stakes in here.

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