its birth isn’t luxury but a co-operative necessity..


Suburbicon is a character driven drama about a family that faces an unfortunate event and the trauma that it goes through it later. The perspective is the queen of Clooney’s chess board in here and he plays it well enough to keep the craft and crisp parallel among the storytelling. But this is the sort of crisp that makes you nod at best twice, not the cinematic level, it’s not glorifying enough to claim its own cards; no matter what does that background score suggest.

Also its repetitiveness shucks away the scared element out of it and leaves it the baffled and bourgeois attempts of, literally, failure. As mentioned, the background score is exhilarating and calming equally, the cinematography is impressive and so is its editing and camera work that helps give this feature all the boost it can; its a drop in the ocean, though.

Damon’s performance is appreciative, if not his best and so is the case of Moore which comes off more disappointing, unfortunately. The relationships that ought to create impact goes down the drain vigorously and the one that ought to make amends, shatters the expectations; it’s a misconceived act.

The structure of the script is undoubtedly fresh and doesn’t follow any textbook logistics and so does its narrative, but as much as gripping it is, it is also off putting on its sadistic terms. The finiteness of the moot point it thrives on never had the potential to make it in the first place after which no matter how much effort Clooney, has to offer. The uniqueness of its bubble is questionable since its birth isn’t luxury but a co-operative necessity.

Suburbicon is what happens when a colony is left to run on merit of the basis of the foundation agendas, if to err is to human, then so is to evolve.

Posted by:Arth

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