barely a high tide..


The Perfect Storm is a plot driven adventurous drama about a group of guys visiting unknown territories in the sea world with an immovable agenda. Despite of stunning visual effects, sharp sound effects and background score, the so called cinematic experience that it promises, is left untouched. Either the characters are undercooked or are brimmed with chalky substance, since it isn’t convincing for a single frame; no thrills in here are thrilling.

It is undeniably finely detailed but as much as deep it goes, either the discovered hollowness shucks away its credibility or the surfing through character’s perspective grows non-feasible. The feature somehow seems in a hurry, it skips steps over husky bits and directs all his guns on delivering the crisp which unfortunately is wafer thin in here. It might be gullible on terms of commercial aspects, but its self-created hallucination of forcibly imputing artsy factors, is just plainly disappointing.

There are few sequences where they get it right and won’t even make you blink twice with its ruggedness and earthy theme that is palpable to its tone. Clooney is definitely not in his A game, he seems confused and isn’t clearly expressive with Wahlberg’s scattering portrayal of any whatsoever persona and addition to that even Riley, Lane and Hawkes; stars like such, fails to create the anticipated impact on screen.

Armed with an incongruent adaptation by Wittliff, Peterson’s somewhat decent execution skills too couldn’t save this sinking ship as it falls flatly on character development or even logistics at times. The bravura of work by sound department that leaves your seat shaken up and few cheap yet thoroughly entertaining thrills are the only high points of this tomfoolery projected under the adventurous genre.

The Perfect Storm is barely a high tide let alone be “the storm” and as far as perfection is concerned, it certainly is mythical.

Posted by:Arth

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