too sincere to its mannerism..


The Others is a character driven horror drama about a mysterious house that reveals horrifying truth to a slightly superstitious and a bit deranged family. Amenabar’s execution is brimmed with such panache that it uses concepts of mirage and lightings and such other tricky camera work to scare the bejesus out of the audience rather than relying upon typical hokum equations like creatures or benign art designing to enhance its intensity.

The malleable mythological tale with an updated version that actually warps us back to ancient times, is the key and the theme that fuels this poised and reserved tale that is too sincere to its mannerism. The background score is brilliant along with the jaw dropping cinematography, sharp sound effects and fine editing. The narrative is way too sharp than it seems and the primary reason to that is the awareness of the writer of the chemistry and the equation and each tiny characteristic of the characters.

This is not your average scoreboard mentality natured script, it runs on merit of bratty and rebellious kids against the overprotective emotions which will leave you shook on your seats. Kidman is the only performer in here that makes it all work and flaunts her potential to make you writhe on your seat by being on the same side of the coin as yours.

Each mirror on screen, each ray of candlelight, each shady room and each painting, everything that Amenabar places on screen, he is fiddling with you subconsciously while we sit nervously and our fingers half eaten off as he narrates it. Kidman’s stellar performance and Amenabar’s finesse on execution and his jagged script are the high points of the feature.

The Others is a lot about us and that is how we are able to easily communicate with them, you’d want to find out who is singing.

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