it is as titled, “melodious”..


The Broadway Melody is a character driven musical drama about two sisters who aspires to achieve fame and success and ends up being challenged morally and emotionally.

All the musical sequences are shot beautifully, with stunning choreography (despite of being black and white, it still somehow manages to use the best of it all in its act) that is performed too with accuracy and addition to that the songs too are uplifting and catchy that leaves a long lasting impression especially its title song. The chemistry between the trio is pure magical, the stakes communicate easily that helps create the anticipated impact.

The major strength of the tale is its structure that is weaved with such excellence that its each calculative and carefully crafted step might give you the clear idea about the trajectory that it leading to, but when it finally hits on screen, it is as titled, “melodious” to experience it on screen. It taps to its own beat, it rhymes and within its confined bubble and the fixated characters that revolves around it, the flamboyant nature of the perspective pays off well. Among three lead cast, Love stands out alone with a strong riveting performance and is supported decently by Page, although King sometimes felt off beat.

Beaumont’s execution fairly puts storytelling above characters and cast, and his world is competent of its content. It is surprisingly funny without any whatsoever effort and when it grows intense it can make you writhe on your seat; its wide range is inspirational. The plot is set in such a way that one cannot not feel empathy for lead characters, they are justified with an apt ideology that would fit in and suit their persona; a masterstroke by the writers.

The Broadway Melody is that rare cinematic art that captures the chosen world without any partial upfront decisions, it digs deep and paints it with details and notions that makes it bright and dark equally.

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