and logistics thin as wafer..


Mrs. Doubtfire is a plot driven comic drama about a guy pushing his boundaries in order to mend his broken marriage.

If the jokes are funny it’s because of the comic timing of the cast, it’s dramatic because of the performance and it works throughout the course of it despite of having plenty of ups and downs, because of Williams’s charm that enlightens each frame. It hits few notes so correct that one gets its hopes high only to fall flatly on face so badly that it strikes down all the earned integrity up till then. In fact, its last act is so sloppy and blunt that it aches you to watch such a talent go waste by on something so redundant and juvenile.

The writing gets frizzy, daft and cheesy as it ages on screen, with emotions shallow and logistics thin as wafer. The makeup designing is finely detailed, but it is short on technical aspects like typical background score, cinematography and amatuer editing. Williams is a revelation in here, his electrifying performance makes the heart pump faster and harder than ever where he is decently supported by Field.

Columbus’s execution still needs few better ticks and notions to nurture such a concept, either you go all sketchy and wait for the thrills and laughs or you go pragmatic and breed it sensibly and slowly to create the anticipated impact. All the husbandry gags that it is brimmed with no matter how sketchy and animated, the laughs pours out from the screen and the responsible man to contact in here is no one but Williams who is delivering some of his finest work of his career.

Mrs. Doubtfire has the heart in the right place, but there factors lots of aspects in a feature than a mere concept and it is that puzzle that the makers fail to solve.

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