subtle and genuinely effective..


The Impossible is a character driven biographical drama about a family that gets lost in a natural disaster occurred at 2004 in Indian Ocean. Bayona’s excellence is projecting the highest of emotions where you float in its bubble of bravado up till he pins you down with a reality that conveys a straight out message from nature by narrowing down the priorities and leaves you in an awe of its abyss feeling.

The plethora of emotions that it is flooded with, can be difficult to grasp as its pathos premise has the potential to melt you down within few seconds (the first act between Watts and Holland is mesmerizing) and with a cast of caliber like such justifies the script with their performance. The first half is specifically brilliant, as its metaphor are subtle and genuinely effective where the passion of the project meets the weaving of the craft boosting up the essence with a stronger impact.

Despite of having such a poignant concept, Bayona’s finesses never manipulates the viewers just to connect, but tells an honest and uncompromising tale. The background score isn’t that effective, along with the cinematography but the editing is definitely its strength along with the camera work that is manually handled in order to offer a more personal touch.

As mentioned earlier, the performance objective is what fuels this sometimes overstretched vision and Watts is the responsible person to contact for it is one of the best portrayal of her career where she is supported brilliantly by Holland and McGregor. The narrative is sharp, adaptive and gripping since it focuses the family drama that is fabricated to speak volume metaphorically.

Lo Imposible is quite possible but it comes with a manual book, and fortunately Bayona has it memorized by heart and now watch him ace this test.

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