pretty much in red zone..


Green Zone is a plot driven action thriller about the conspirators who are in privileged positions and are taken down by the soldiers working underneath them. This action-political and war-crime genre feature is definitely not reliable on the rudimentary process of the cat and chase theme.

In fact, if anything it uses the uncertainty of the trajectory that is milked out through all perspective in order to keep the thrill alive. But as much as gripping it is, all its big guns seems to be spent upon directing it towards keeping the audience tangled in its explosive bubble and somehow forgets to make a definite point out of it which takes out the heat from the soul. As mentioned, the narrative is gripping and adaptive but definitely not layered and thought provoking, at best if anything it provides the cheats and tricks with a better execution no matter how predictable.

The background score is decent, cinematography and editing is fine with sharp sound effects and quite a busy camera work that unfortunately doesn’t allow the viewers to even breathe in. Damon is convincing in his tired and gasping portrayal that is aptly competent with a support from brilliant cast like Kinnear, Ryan and Gleeson.

Greengrass aces on executing a nail-biting action thriller and with a sharp even though wafer thin script like such, he factors in effectively and elevates the sequences to his best. The careful step by step structure that it follows is both its pro and con, since it is appreciative but at the end is all moot, ipso facto it aches you to encounter such talent and skills go waste by on something like such narrow vision.

Green Zone might be a big “go” for the audience and the commercial aspects of it but as far as the actors and makers are concerned they are pretty much in red zone.

Posted by:Arth

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