jumps through time every now and then..


Ghosts Of Mississippi is a plot driven crime drama about a case that represents the fight against racism where a guy stands against all odds to straighten out the broken rules and injustice. It is probably one of the toughest job to keep the audience tangled in its eerie bubble when it depicts series of various episodes that jumps through time every now and then.

But this is where Reiner enters the picture, his finesse on each frame claiming his throne on a compelling and honest storytelling. The investigation doesn’t follow a rudimentary process, it is fresh with a newer structure that makes it intriguing and electrifying despite of having a sloppy writing around the edges, it is surprisingly gripping and adaptive.

The background score isn’t that impressive along with the cinematography and camera work, but has a tremendous awareness on the sound department and the surrounding offered which is palpable to the tone and the editing which plays a vital role considering it has to capture various incidents in a brief period of time. The performance is equally enthralling especially by Baldwin who is given quite a range to factor in effectively, Goldberg is given a bit chalky role which holds her performance quite few times and Woods with an aptly reserved act that stands alone above all.

Reiner’s execution is bang on his bucks and armed with such a sharp script where he decided to take a mellow approach about such fragile concept and walks perfectly balanced on its self-created thin line. And with a slam dunk on the last act, the courtroom drama takes care of the closure that every maker aspires for it go like.

Ghosts Of Mississippi fiddles with an issues that has already been raised and analysed many a time, but from Reiner’s lens, he has few points worth listening to.

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