smooth and mediocre with a taste of teenage dream..


Adventureland is a plot driven romantic comedy about a guy saving for his college ends up on a low level job where he finds the girl of his dreams. With a tightly packed screenplay and running for around 100 minutes, the feature runs smooth and mediocre with a taste of teenage dream version that draws in most of its viewers.

Its humor isn’t in bulk, it is mildly funny that draws in few chuckles here and there which is better than forcibly imputing sketchy sequences that questions its integrity. The primary reason why it works on intellectual level is how it depicts the social verbal sparrings and equation among the colleagues. Addition to that, it also gets the chain of gossiping correctly, the procedure of how a news spread is projected brilliantly.

It is short on technical aspects like background score, cinematography and camera work although the songs are uplifting along with fine editing especially since there are these many characters and each have their own baggage and sub-plot tracks. On performance level, there isn’t much range offered to the actors to flaunt in their skills on screen and factor in effectively. Eisenberg is fast as always, with an eerie Stewart and slick Reynolds supporting them throughout the course with week investments.

The narrative is sharp and mature, with gripping and smooth sequences that are piled up one by one in front of the viewers but at the end of the day it all runs on plethora of cliches. Mottola’s execution is far better than its scattered script, if anything it surpasses it on a much larger margin no matter how easy and simple it could have been.

Adventureland might be a forsaken land on terms of creativity and originality and as far as adventure is concerned all you have to do is tone down your expectations a bit.

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