the laziness in its previous act that makes it more active..


White Boy Rick is a character driven biographical crime drama about a 15 year old boy that falls in a trap of FBI officers in order to help them and then latter finds himself on the wrong side of the door. This arthouse is a blunder of any whatsoever production gone under where its only way out is its pathos reality that it uses utterly to manipulate the emotions out of the audience.

It may have a newer structure but the primary reason behind it, is its inability to construct one, each sequence is unfinished, each move is illogical. The creativity and originality never had any vacancy in here, but even a world extracted from real incidents ought to feel practical; don’t get your hopes high. The side characters are one dimensional and are handed a wafer thin characteristic to mug up and on that note, the performance of supporting cast is plausible.

The relationship between McConaughey and Merritt has done something right to its viewers and it is a real gem of the feature and not because of the sweet and innocence it is brimmed with, but how flawed and honest it is; not often where we encounter this complex chemistry and on such large scale. Merritt is good in bits and pieces just like the feature along with Powley that follows his footsteps. One of the major disappointments is Jennifer Jason Leigh who is underused and undercooked where she isn’t given enough range for her to flaunt her skills.

McConaughey soars through this crime drama amidst all this traffic of mediocrity and justifies his stardom and his presence on screen every time when a camera looks at him; it loves him, we love him. Its first half is scattered into bits and the second half is equally sensible that for the least itlands this risky flight safely. And as much as gathering the makers does of its mutilated bits and pieces, its amendment can never be that glorifying to make one suffer through that hour.

The latter stages are genuinely moving and appreciative but it too falls on a shorter level, either the expectations have grown mediocre or its just the laziness in its previous act that makes it more active. The background score is incongruent with daft cinematography and disturbing camera work that reaches to go all artsy which fires back vigorously. And the anchor that weighs in the most is its editing that is just banal and amateurly polished upon.

The narration is something that neither makers agree with nor the actors, their uncomfortness is communicated thoroughly which is just plain old sad. The recalcitrant natured script is why there is no rhythm to it, it was supposed to be this, it became that and clearly we don’t want THAT. What it does get right somehow, is when it attempts to depict a series of events to convey the time passing by, but that too is fueled with performance, the juvenile execution barely takes part into it.

White Boy Rick is clearly a non-calculative venture whose schemes aren’t worth getting into, forget the long run it can’t even hold its promises up till the runtime.

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