fluent vocal finesse..


What We Do In The Shadows is a plot driven comic horror about a documentary set in a New Zealand about a vampire community residing among the society. It aces on weaving out a physical comedy and is performed hilariously too by each cast and is probably the highlight that draws in most of the laughs.

It isn’t confined with an urge to offer episodes of various gags and sketchy sequences and it also doesn’t suggest that it doesn’t contain it. It is brimmed with such gullible sequences with sadistic humor and sensitive tiny notions that draws in a chuckle every now and then. Since it is of documentary nature, there exists very little room for technical aspects like background score and cinematography, although is edited well enough and is of shorter runtime too that factors in effectively.

Waititi is flat out hilarious with a self-obsessed Clement and emotional Brugh and combining them you’ll get the apt bittersweet bonding of a group of friends that contrary to its premise is more humane. The primary reason it works is that it doesn’t rely a lot upon its eerie concept, it undeniably is more than its concept, it’s frankly quite mature. For amidst all these series of jokes and tactics, it barely focuses upon the difference of the species and creates its own irony within its dark bubble.

Waititi’s execution is what fuels this fluctuating tale where his key is when he allows the audience to breathe and so to its characters to sink in the awkwardness imputed within the conversations. The narrative is adaptive, gripping and hilarious if not layered or thought provoking but its fluent vocal finesse and verbal sparrings makes it worth the wait.

What We Do In The Shadows isn’t anything out of the box but what it is, is well aware of it and pulls out the best as an homage to the entire concept.

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