hilarious and calculatively ambiguous..


Two Lovers is a character driven romantic drama about a reserved guy who falls in love for two girls and is cornered in a morale conflict that he is definitely not ready for.

It is surprisingly flat out hilarious and not forcibly imputed by any whatsoever eerie verbal sparrings but tiny notions that it is brimmed with and mostly relies upon the stunning performances by the cast. The weaving of the structure is smooth and utterly congruent to the tone of the feature where one may not be able to easily filter out the either one.

The background score is almost non-existent with decent cinematography and editing where the only thing that stands out on technical aspects is camera work that captures the apt tone and theme of the feature. As it starts aging on screen the web of deceptions and lies grows wide and spirals out which is done with equal passion that may be appropriate but may not be as gripping and appealing to the viewers as the rest of the material does.

Phoenix is pure magic on screen, and its purity is reflected on his extraction of the character from the written words and his investment that he implies on each frame of his portrayal, what an actor. His range is from being hilarious and goofy to itensed writhing performance that leaves you in an awe of it and this time he is supported by brilliant Rossellini and Paltrow.

The pragmatic conversation that are both hilarious and calculatively ambiguous that keeps the crisp alive, the three dimensional characters around which the bubble revolves around and Phoenix at the heart of it are the high points of the feature. Gray’s finesse on execution has always been its gem that it relies upon and as always it pays off.

Two Lovers is a convoluted take on simplistic terms and emotions that it fuels itself on.

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