the viewers seek more..


Tomorrowland is a plot driven sci-fi thriller about a girl that finds a collector’s pin that allows her to enter into another world.

The action and chase sequences are slick fun with mature choreography created and performed lethally. It is a visual galore brimmed with gritty humans, fragile robots, darker future and jaw dropping technology which frankly was difficult to pull off considering the vision, but it surely is convincing enough.

There are bits and pieces of humor in it which is imputed smoothly and works with the flow especially all the tiny physical notions. It is too calculative and is obliged with its subjective procedure to set up the plots and characters, that it fails to offer the basic need to its audience.

There are few ideas extracted from here and there with very little to offer on terms of originality. The cinematography and background isn’t suffice for it to glorify the scenes which frankly is in desperate need of. Clooney adapts the character aptly with Robertson still in need of polishing along with Cassidy and Laurie who surprisingly seems distracted in here.

The narrative is too diplomatic for it to breed the crisp out of its over thought out concept. The conversations may be inedible at times but few one liners hits it out of the park along with its perfectly cooked characters that are just pure fun to explore.

Ticking for more than two hours, Bird’s execution may be worth but a blunt script as such fails on all levels to cut out its own premise amidst all the commercial aspect of it. The passionate vision of Bird, the emotional aspects that the concept deals with and well constructed physical sequences are the high points of the feature.

Tomorrowland is Bird’s attempt on creating a sci-fi, it is a plausible attempt but the viewers seek more.

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