to get in his mind subconsciously..


The Wrestler is a character driven drama about a sunken wrestler whose behind the stage life episodes changes drastically after he faces health issues.

The camera work is manually handled which offers us a more personal experience and the perspective of the protagonist that helps us to get in his mind subconsciously. It is somewhat of a palindrome to “Rocky”, but it has its own personality that comes alive through Rourke’s gut wrenching performance. The background score is aptly scored with up lifting songs, decent cinematography and perfect editing.

Ticking for around 100 minutes, the tale soaks up every emotional combat of protagonist’s life. Siegel’s narration isn’t of a newer structure and webs out a safer play, but within its familiarity, it is thoroughly competent. The storytelling is elaborative and enthralling with a rhythmic beats that elevates the momentum of the sequences and glorifies each tiny notions.

As mentioned earlier the performance objective is more than safe with Rourke on driver seat amping up the tale, alongwith Tomei’s another mature and stable performance. Aronofsky is in his A game, flaunting his skills with such panache that his bubble doesn’t seem fictitious at all, it’s like the staged wrestling that Rourke does in here, but this time the audience hassled, is us.

There aren’t much verbal sparrings in this busy world, the props are used wisely along with all the all the physical sequences to speak volume and advance the plotline. The build up of all the leaps and eerie decisions that each characters make, the conversations are impressive, Tomei’s inspiring track, the inner world of wrestling and Rourke’s heartwarming performance are the high points of the feature.

The Wrestler is a challenging eye popping tale to convey the message it actually wraps and its Aronofsky and his equally invested cast that makes it worth listening to.

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