the issues that were piled upon..


The Weather Man is a plot driven comic drama about a dysfunctional family and the dysfunctional protagonist that attempts to make things better. Yes, it is hilarious. And none of the sketchy sequences are forcibly imputed they blend in aptly with the storytelling and lightens things down.

But the rest of it relies upon emotional drama that unfortunately fails to communicate where the performance isn’t on trial but its familiar structure, cliched screenplay and typical quirky characters. The chemistry between Cage and her daughter doesn’t go as anticipated (don’t get it wrong, it’s good, it’s sweet) in fact if anything that bounces back in, it’s the relationship between Caine and Cage that works on merit of performance and nothing else.

The background score is almost non-existent, cinematography is daft along with editing and camera work that only is successful on offering the palpable cold environment to the audience. What it aces on, is the weaving of all the bickerings among characters that is done with such nuance that it draws out laughs easily from you.

Cage’s thoughts are also real gem as they are more practical, and resembles a lot with the audience as it fiddles with mutual things a lot. Cage’s portrayal is subtle and complex to the core and gets a decent support from Caine’s sane character whilst Davis fails to live up to it.

The primary reason why it doesn’t work, is its solution to all the issues that were piled upon, they aren’t executed cinematically by Verbinski for it to offer the anticipated glorifying experience. Few hilarious gags, the flamboyant screenplay and Cage’s emotionally attached to this bubble are the high points of the feature.

The Weather Man is a feature you wouldn’t want to explore and frankly will neither remember after leaving the screen.

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