fixated in its self-created hallucination of updating the mockery..


The Guard is a plot driven comic thriller about two cops of different personalities working together in order to catch drug smugglers that results in a chaos. It is flat out hilarious on every single uncouth line of it, that is not only amusing to the core but is deeply honest and is quoted humorously too by the cast.

The primary reason why the humor works so smoothly in here is because it doesn’t rely upon forcibly imputed sketchy sequences nor the gags in here are repetitive or futile. The structure of the script is familiar considering the “buddy cop” genre, it is fixated in its self-created hallucination of updating the mockery.

The background score isn’t up to the mark but the sound effects are sharp, cinematography isn’t that impressive and neither is camera work and editing; accounting all in, makes it short on technical aspects. Gleason’s behemoth hearty performance pumps this tale louder and harder than it ever could where the key to its instant connection is the innocence that his portrayal dwells on.

Cheadle is sensible yet equally funny with a decent supporting cast like strong Strong and cunning Cunningham. The writer-director McDonaugh’s world may be funny and skeptic but is accurately practical that helps ground these characters of such range and offer this lighter bubble the appropriate gravitas. The investigation followed in here isn’t rudimentary at all, it is just a breath of fresh air.

As the screenplay enfolds, it gets more intense, personal, gritty and sharp that offers the apt cathartic experience to the viewers. The slick whimsical tone of each character that defines them, three dimensional characters and brimful of tiny smart notions that ups the ante of the game are the high points of the feature.

The Guard adds their name to the richest of those “buddy cop” genre features with its busy font.

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