a misconceived amalgamation of the so called thrills..


The Firm is a character driven thriller drama depicting the inner politics that rots out the firm from the inside.

Ticking for more than 150 minutes, the overkill sets in early and the primary reason to that is the over chewing of its character’s perspective that may offer a more personal experience and helps connect instantly, but it also grows wafer thin as the character doesn’t have the anticipated wide range. The scrutiny doesn’t hit up till the first hour is clocked, the first act is spent upon setting up the plots and characters that may be appreciative but not at this length, not at this price.

The sound effects are sharp, the background score is mysterious, the cinematography isn’t that impressive and neither is camera work along with editing. The pragmatic conversations, well spread out webs of lies and deceptions that are constructed and barred under law and the three dimensional characters that may not be intriguing but it surely is plausible for the effort invested.

Cruise is complex and yet easy to read due to its performance with a support from mysterious Hackman and honest as Hunter has ever been delivering some of her best work. Pollock’s execution might be bang on his bucks, but overcooking the wafer thin script where the heat from the soul is extracted brutally and to encounter it on screen is just painful.

Addition to that, the adaptation too isn’t that smart as the writers think, it may be adaptive and smarter, but it sure ain’t gripping. The inner politics that is brewed with keen sense of awareness of the financial laws, the stakes that can easily be grasped and Cruise’s heartbreaking performance are the high points of the feature.

The Firm is a misconceived amalgamation of the so called thrills and ipso facto even its chase is shallow and benign.

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