a calculative allegory that symphonizes higher concept..


The Bridge On The River Kwai is a character driven war drama about a men with principles standing against the antagonist’s camp as a protest with a never yielding spirit.

The self-righteousness and morale conflicts is crafted with such nuance in here that the viewers never even questions it for once. And which then, breeds this portal of inner politics and torture and plethora of tactics like such, to convince and win over them in this mind game. The head to head arguments and political debates brewed among a pragmatic and brilliantly weaved conversations are electrifying to encounter on screen.

Being aware of the innocence that these characters and brave tale is brimmed with, the makers easily draws out emotions from the audience that can easily melt you down. It is rich on technical aspects like background score, cinematography, editing and stunning camera work.

Holden’s practical and subtle portrayal is actually more than plausible but since the range offered to it, isn’t as wide as Guinness’s character that not only is given much more range and space but is also impressive as he flaunts it with such panache. The adaptation is smart and gripping despite of ticking for almost there hours, it contains a potentially jagged script. Lean’s execution is always, layered and thought provoking where he takes its time eschewing the characters appropriately.

The subjective procedure in here isn’t crowded but competent and even busy that keeps the audience tangled in its chaotic and political war. Harrowing and mesmerizing images that shows both the aspects of the nature, inner politics in a camp and Guiness at the heart of it that fuels this war drama are the high points of the feature.

The Bridge On The River Kwai is a calculative allegory that symphonizes higher concept through one’s most simplistic nature.

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