the stakes of ruggedness..


Suspiria is a character driven horror about a girl who joins a ballet academy and finds out the hard way that there actually might something else be going on behind the show business. The art designing and visual effects is the weakest link, why it fails to create the anticipated thrill to the audience when it is crucially required.

Having said that, it doesn’t suggest in any way, that it isn’t scary. Its horrifying images comes from sharp sound effects and the mass amount of creatures that it uses to scare the viewers. It creates long gasping of horrors among the audience through keeping its characters helpless and cornered all the time.

In fact, there is a sequence where the protagonist has to pass a narrow passage and despite of having any surprises installed in it, it is the most appalling sequence of the feature. And this is where it shines in, the build up of that sequence is weaved in by all the mysterious mythology and deaths throughout the course of it.

Another wise thing to adapt in here would be the rest of the material through which the makers creates this crispy and gritty environment which is by gossiping. It is such a common thing that the makers have extracted and the way it is foliated and factors in on the storytelling is breathtaking, as the writers pass on information with it. The background isn’t that impressive nor is cinematography or editing or camera work.

The performance is decent if not anything extraordinary, it is safe enough to rely upon it. Being aware of its malleable script, Argento’s execution surpasses its nail biting screenplay. Some new tactics to set the stakes of ruggedness, the conversations between the dancers and the mythological tale are the high points of the feature.

Suspiria is a far better horror than we receive and the primary reason to that is it being aware of its limitations and the range it flaunts within those boundaries.

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