repetitive yet funny sketches..


Six Days Seven Nights is a plot driven romantic comedy about two people stranded on an island and the bonding that the survival spirit brings along with. It is a feature that doesn’t take itself seriously let along expect the audience to care for the characters and track.

And such mannerism is visible and itches the viewers throughout the course of it. The humor is the only piece of land that the audience relies upon to survive in this plethora of cliches and shallow emotional drama. But they too are forcibly imputed which sometimes shucks away its one liners and addition to that the gags too are your typical ones that thrives on sexist and cheap jokes.

The structure of the script too follows a rudimentary process that is frankly off putting and questionable to actor’s choice on accepting such a job. It falls flatly on face on technical aspects like its amateur cinematography, daft background score, questionable choreography of all the physical sequences, blunt visual effects and loose editing.

The camera work is almost like a prank with its unnecessary slow motions and benign execution that mocks even its most sensitive emotional drama with its chalky writing. Ford hits all the one-liners aptly with amazing comic timing with Heche being her equal match where she can be a threat to Ford’s performance at times, especially with her goofiness.

Browning’s script was always redundant but it still had few laughs here and there and with an execution from Reitman, the anchor weighs in more. Few one-liners, repetitive yet funny sketches and hilarious performance from the lead couple are the high points of the feature.

Six Days Seven Nights is a commercial feature that might be thoroughly entertaining but is also easily forgettable, even the performance that made the viewers survive.

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