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Signs is a plot driven horror thriller about a family living on a farm that is shook up after the symphony of horror enters in their house.

Despite of being of horror genre, there isn’t a single loose thread of thrill for the viewers to root for either the characters or the storyline. The primary reason why it fails to create the anticipated crispy environment is because of its pretentious and shallow characters that the audience never cares about. The characters goes deep in order to draw out the emotions but unfortunately they are still undercooked if not one dimensional.

The essential bits that usually antes up the horror and decorates it with long gasping of airs, is the missing puzzle in here. Neither the background score, not the sound effects factors in, addition to that, the art designing is daft and visual effects still under production, which scrapes out the heat from the asset.

Gibson gives few good sequences especially his caring response towards the children whilst unfortunately Phoenix seems distracted and not in his game as his portrayal just doesn’t seem palpable to the theme of the feature. Shyamalan’s vision in here requires plenty of preparation and in order to do so, he spends his first two acts on building up the structure and when it finally hits on screen the viewers are exhausted and numbed by it to feel electrified by its rendezvous point.

Having said that, Shyamalan’s execution still delivers few good moments but the audience is never in an awe of it, in the entire course of the feature. The emotional repercussions that the flashback sequence breeds, its simplistic and practical take on something such fictional that offers much personal experience and its final nail biting seen-this-seen-that drama are the high points of the feature.

Signs is more pretentious that it claims to be and surfs more than it hopes to be, it’s a huge misconception iterated in a horror.

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