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Pan is a plot driven adventurous drama about a twelve year old orphan entering a magical world and claiming his legacy.

The feature is a disaster from the first frame to the last one where its existence itself is questionable. Wright behind the whole extravaganza doesn’t seem himself at all. The whole set of the feature looks like a big old prank to the viewers, makers, actors and all the others involved in it. The set pieces looks clearly fake, the production design poorly created, the costume design is juvenile and so is its art designing.

The background is daft, the cinematography is almost a cruel joke with poorly handled camera work and amateur editing. The entire feature is an embarrassment from head to toe on terms of art and craft and any other claims that it might suggest. Being mutilated on technical aspects it doesn’t suggest in any way, that the heart of the feature is at the right place.

The cast too attempts to dive in with all their chips in but there isn’t much range offered to the characters for them to factor in effectively. Jackman delivers at times, but for the rest of the part, he too fumbles. Mara clearly doesn’t belong in such a theme and tone of the feature, she still somehow manages to deliver in such a dull environment.

The narration is benign and unnecessarily loud with commercial aspects that reeks to the core and shucks away not only the originality of the concept and the somewhat creativity installed in it, as it spends most of the time on offering the material on a grand scale as much as possible but unfortunately the content like such wouldn’t have worked in any way especially when it’s crafted out like such.

Pan is a huge slap on the face even commercial cinema as it even fails to entertain the audience.

Posted by:Arth

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