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Out Of The Furnace is a character driven drama about the bonding between two brothers where nature tests it as it fluctuates with ups and downs.

The first act where a series of events takes places and the maker is checking the temperature of the water, is depicted with mesmerizing chemistry and notions that makes it flow fluently and gives it the apt boost one always anticipates for. The background score is decent along with cinematography and fine editing but its sharp sound effects, detailed art designing and manually handled camera work that offers a more personal touch stands out extraordinarily.

Bale is a revelation as always with its reserved yet caring impeccably expressive natured portrayal that makes you root for it from the first frame. Parallel to him, Affleck is an equal opponent of his where he is supported amazingly by Dafoe, Harrelson, Whittaker and Saldana who is surprisingly amazing especially in a sequence when she breaks a heartbreaking news to Bale.

Cooper’s execution is what fuels this and his gut-wrenching rawness where he justifies offering each character the space and range to factor in effectively and meddle a cast of such caliber through it. This revenge based tale brimmed with negative dark innuendos and emotions seems like that a writer settled for a narrower vision, its first half had an amazing potential to make it dirty and yet sensible, it chose more dirtier one.

The narration is gripping and adaptive, but the blurred line in here is that it fails to separate an elaborative structure to an overstretched one. The gritty not-so-practical puches that makes the viewers bleed, the insight of an emotional catastrophic events bred among multiple characters and Bale’s achingly stellar performance that fuels it even at its pit are the high points of the feature.

Out Of The Furnace hits out of the park on terms of bullets and gunpowders but no matter what writers might suggest it ain’t layered.

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