an attention seeker..


Naked Gun is a plot driven comic crime about a cop whose clumsy actions turns everything whimsical after he touches it. It weaves out an intense sequence with such sincerity that you fall for it and then it mocks it away on all levels where you find yourself practically all giddy up for more.

But amidst all these tomfoolery it fiddles subconsciously with the viewers and somehow manages to reach a definite point that is put up front with crystal clear voice. With a zazzy yet incongruent background score, annoyingly loud sound effects, daft cinematography and amateur editing, it falls flatly on face on technical aspects. All the husbandry gags are just cherry on top that makes you root for it more and more as it ages on screen.

Ticking for around 90 minutes, the tightly packed screenplay never lets you wander off its sketchy world, it may be illogical but it’s hilarious, it may be redundant but it somehow is feasible and it may overdo sometime but it works like a charm. Neilson’s comic timing is off the hook, he hits a home run on every throw and its his expressive or inexpressive face is what fuels this comic into a bit more than one anticipates for. Because at certain points even writers may fall short but he delivers every time and every line.

His ludicrous attempts to not only convince others but himself too, is what makes him stand alone than any other actors in here, his strong belief in each and every gag is clearly visible through his mannerism and tone. Zuker’s execution barely matters in here, it is good but armed with such an attention seeking script one rarely wonders about it.

Naked Gun might be an attention seeker, but why not just give it to it, there won’t be any regrets.

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