a misconceived act..


Maudie is a character driven biographical drama about an arthritic artist who pursues her passion for painting. The narration isn’t articulative at all, it is of dependent nature, and the actual journey in here is to seek what was it supposed to depend upon. The writing is blunt with bits and pieces scattered and inexpressive notions that raises question and nothing else.

It respects the concept and the substance that it has to offer, but material is prior to mannerism. Without any concrete trajectory for the viewers to follow, the structure of such episodes ought to collapse before it even builds itself up. White’s dull script is manipulative that expects the audience to connect with its poignancy and not merit.

It falls flatly on face in technical aspects like daft background score, amateur cinematography, distracted camera work and poor editing. The banal ideology is profoundly loud which shucks away the somewhat invested heart in it.

It aches you to encounter such an amazing performance to go waste by on such dull script. Hawkins is thoroughly convincing if not in her A game whilst Hawke seems distracted on his undercooked character. Walsh gets few of the sequences correctly but she still needs better polishing on her execution skills as it fails to bind the whole drama into any whatsoever emotion.

The innocence that the concept fuels itself on and worthy performance by the cast are the only high points of this pretentious feature. The last act of the feature is a benign effort from the makers to manipulate the emotions out of the viewers. The euphoric energy that a passionate project usually consists wears out quickly before it can amp up the viewers.

Maudie is a misconceived act whose misconception on the craft that goes behind a cinema backfires vigorously.

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