the reason why cinema exists..


Hunger is a character driven biographical drama depicting the inner Irish prison world through various perspectives. Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room, it’s not an easy tale to listen to. The meddled and explore subjects in here are not for everyone, it personifies the harrowing nightmares of each individual characters to a point where you start cringing on your seat.

Amidst all these negative emotions, there resides a beautiful poem within it, which McQueen extracts out and paints this stunning craft through it. There aren’t much verbal sparrings (and when there is, it leaves you mesmerized as it reeks of the old theatre acts to the core) in here, it is all acted out, it relies completely upon physical sequences and proves the explicit writing it contains.

McQueen’s world in here is “black and white”, “0 and 1” and, purely opinionated where there is no room for “if’s” and “but’s”, there is no diplomatic version that comes out of it. Its sinistes background score, the metaphorical cinematography and fine editing along with few jaw dropping shots that is a tale of its own, makes this feature rich on such technical aspects.

Fassbender makes you writhe on screen with his majestic performance and flaunts his unflinching potential to carry it off such a craft all on his shoulder. McQueen triumphs on originality of the structure of the script, it is dark opera house that is equally glorifying as much as sharp it is.

If it’s heinous then it’s because of the accuracy, if it’s inedible then it’s because of the honesty and if it’s beautiful then it’s because of the innocence. Eye popping art designing, poetic and jagged screenplay, McQueen’s gut wrenching shots and Fassbender at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

Hunger is a rare art that analysis the allegory with heart wide open and points out the reason why cinema exists.

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