the premise doesn’t call for it..


Find Me Guilty is a character driven courtroom drama about the infamous DiNorscio case that is considered to be one of the longest American criminal case on record. Lumet’s directorial comeback comes with lots of expectations and it may not have been delivered entirely but certainly is thoroughly entertaining.

Not only the courtroom drama is edited aptly but the selective choices on the off court dramatic sequences too are just immensely pleasing to encounter that makes it supremely watchable despite of having issues on bits and pieces. The script doesn’t have any definite structure, since the premise doesn’t call for it, but this is where Lumet comes in and binds it all with his experience.

As mentioned the narration might be scattered and it does add tons of friction and makes it difficult to flow smoothly. The performance is probably the weakest link of all, especially the core of it. Diesel fails on all level to justify its part despite of being offered such a wide range while on the supporting cast Dinklage delivers unflinchingly along with Slattery’s moving performance.

The background is non-effective and in fact a bit questionable but has amazing cinematography, plausible sound department and fine editing. The dialogues may get cheesy but some of it gets right on the nerves and leaves an appealing impression.

The humor imputed in here doesn’t seem forced in fact, is an essential bit on the characteristics of the characters that unfortunately latter gets mutilated on the court. Lumet’s evergreen finesse on delivering a courtroom drama and slick humor that enlightens the tone every now and then are the high points of the feature.

Find Me Guilty can be viewers’ response by being condemned on enjoying these shallow yet gripping arguments that will not actually change a dime on the cinematic virtuoso.

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