mere tomfoolery for the most part of it..


Fallen is a plot driven action thriller about a cop investing a series of murders that are somehow connected despite of having various killer behind it. The camera work is mere tomfoolery for the most part of it with its amateur approach to dive into the so called thrilling sequences. The renegade natured concept that actually ought to bedazzle the viewers tugs out the somewhat earned crisp by the essence and tone of it leaving the audience cheated.

The background score is moot to the visuals projected on the screen, the cinematography is eerily wrong with amatuer editing, all of it that is frankly distracting and disturbing. Washington delivers as anticipated with a fluent response to every given circumstances and is supported well enough by Goodman, Sutherland and Gandolfini who gets their own stand out moments where they hold on to their parts tightly especially Gandolfini who is flat out hilarious in here.

The narration depicted in here by Washington that actually questions and answers the ongoing process through metaphors but is unfortunately too loud to be sincere enough and be respectful of its mannerism. The conversations are cheesy and petty that may not even lure younger audience in, with its over thought out analysis. Hoblit’s execution fails on all levels in here where it doesn’t even justifies the script by Kazan let along support it through his finesse.

The first half spends the time of creating the mysterious environment through uncertainty and parallel plot tracks which latter is shucked to feed the commercial aspects of the feature. Few tactics imputed in the process of investigation, a mythical essence thay the concept reeks of and Washington’s presence on screen that pulls away all on his shoulder are the high points of the feature.

Fallen is an idea tossed by someone as a joke, but then is created with a wider imagination which latter is mutilated in its process.

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