all the bickering and jealousy..


By The Sea is a character driven romantic drama about a couple whose honeymoon goes haywire after jealousy and treachery gets in between them.

The chemistry fuels this overridden drama to reach newer territories without fumbling where the audience wouldn’t mind taking a ride along with them, no matter how annoying the couple grows with all the bickering and jealousy. But, even as strong as chemistry like such could never replace the substance over style. And the primary reason why the feature is stuck on a dull loop, is because of the genre of the premise.

It requires the weaving of the structure in front of the audience and it is such poorly written with no bars held, that emotions set out were so not what the emotions come out. The narration is dry with probably somewhat gripping screenplay that too wears out latter, as the policies grows pretentious, the gist loud and the emotions shallow.

The background score may as well be non existent on terms of its factoring, the cinematography is redundant along with poor editing and on the up side it has stunning visuals, live locations and is beautifully shot. Pitt is more “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”-y than when he was in it, whilst Jolie is milking way too much to keep the crisp alive. The talent that actually goes waste by is Laurent that is convincing on her supporting role.

Jolie’s execution has definitely improved a lot, but the script is the actual culprit in here that holds the ideology narrower and keeps it intact of its self-created pathos scrutiny. The chemistry among the lead cast, few one liners and visual aesthetics are the only high points of the feature.

By The Sea is a bore; I’ll just say it straight out, it is a bore to a point where even the somewhat visible craft isn’t appreciative.

Posted by:Arth

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