no one leaves happier from this..


Birth is a character driven horror about a girl who is pursued by a ten year old boy claiming that he is her dead husband.

The premise may not have potential but is undeniably intriguing and makers being aware of it, depicts it accordingly, to keep the audience invested in it. The background score (Desplat proves it again) may not be well edited but is surely palpable to the mysterious theme of the feature. As much as harrowing visuals are, few sequences are utterly convoluted and cringeworthy to encounter it on screen.

Having said that, the narrative is gripping throughout the course of the feature if not layered enough. But such successful punches are drawn from cheap shots that frankly scores nothing as they are shallow and juvenile. The cinematography shows some promises along with the fine editing and camera work that is decently handled.

It doesn’t manipulate viewers’ emotions with your usual tactics that are mostly used in horror genre like flashy colors and annoying loud sound effects. Its disturbing subject is enough to give you the anticipated creeps and chills. Pummeling for these many rounds, it barely changes a dime with its moot point that is rubbed and iterated unnecessarily without any whatsoever reason, accept for the crisp.

Kidman’s genuinely moving performance makes it all worth the time and energy spent where unfortunately she isn’t supported by any of her cast. Glazer’s brilliant execution skills makes you think, he deserved a better script but then so did the actors and the audience. Few bold sequences that took guts to project and Kidman at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

Birth is undeniably a work of art, but the invested chips are on a losing bet, no one leaves happier from this.

Posted by:Arth

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