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Almost Famous is a character driven drama about an interviewer going on a run with a band to write an article on the Rolling Stone magazine. As much as unique the concept is, it equally is simple and sensible that breeds valuable opinions from each three dimensional characters of it.

Crowe’s world in here believes to live in present and enjoy each tiny moments which offers the audience an adequate soothing closure in each frame; it’s just a “good” story is what it is. Even the weaving of the structure that occurs in front of the audience in its initial stages, is breathtaking with monologues, debates and “teenage fun” bits that makes it slick.

The songs are uplifting, the backyard score is decently scored, the cinematography is mesmerizing with fine editing and stunning camera work and visuals with live locations that foliates it into the anticipated musical cinematic experience. Hudson is surprisingly good with Crudup and Lane going head to head offering the appropriate crisp to their track and McDormand as always offering the gravitas and keeps this fairy tale grounded.

Crowe’s narration is far better than we usually get in such band musicals and the primary reason to that is that it is perfectly balanced, it never is too light nor dark, he is well aware of his audience and he can filter them out with maturity itself. His execution is definitely worth the script he wrote, in fact if anything it celebrates it with an extravaganza for life where each emotional conflict is respected equally with a subtle tone. The behind the stage preparations and conversations that a star goes through, the originality and innocence of the concept and Crowe oozing his presence behind all of it are the high points of the feature.

Almost Famous is pure art that both lyrically rhymes and taps to the beat and eventually make you too.

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