an extravaganza for life..


A Star Is Born is a character driven drama about a couple whose professional life dives in, on their personal life that creates a havoc. The premise guides you the categorized plethora of poignancy that it contains, but smartly the feature is still inspiring as much as heartbreaking it is.

Gaynor’s character fuels this basic needs of the tale in order to creates its high pitched emotional sequences, and with her being on driver’s seat, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. The structure may be dependent on various acts whose tone shifts as they vary widely, and hence fortunately with substance like such comes with panache that draws the attention of the viewers through it.

Brimmed with details of the inner world of the Hollywood industry, the tale manages to keep the flow fluent and observant with tiny notions imputed to hit on the nerves. With such jagged and gritty script that dives in on the “dirty” repercussions of any whatsoever deed, shows the passion and guts of the makers to go bold on such scale.

It is rich on technical aspects like sound department, production design, editing and mature cinematography. As mentioned earlier, Gaynor’s performance is career defining as it is conveyed on the feature and with a support from March whose loss communicates clearly with the viewers along with its stakes; the feature is no short on performance.

Wellman’s execution is what blends this humorous inspiring bold tale with finesse that runs through decades and passes the torch potentially to subsequent generations. A journey brimmed with plethora of variations as it does, a layered policy hidden behind it and stellar performances up front are the high points of the feature.

A Star Is Born thrives on human nature which then raises the question of how it stages it, and luckily it is an extravaganza for life.

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