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A Star Is Born is a character driven romantic drama about a sunken rockstar helping a new comer to become one and the romance that brews in, amidst all the fame and controversies.

The conversations between the lead cast is the real gem as always that offers the anticipated electrifying experience to the viewers. The chemistry feels more personal than the ones we have previously experienced and has evolved enormously on screen between these iconic characters since 1937. But unfortunately, it isn’t as smart as the previous ones, it is weak on weaving the structure and sequences which at certain points seems flawed and questionable.

The feature is visually alluring with stunning live locations and amazing cinematography that makes it supremely pleasing to encounter along with cheering of large crowds and sharp sound effects that offers the field experience. The music as always is a major part of it, and even though background score isn’t one of its strength, it certainly has heartbreaking and up beating songs that are not only written but performed beautifully too.

The adaptation is a bit raunchy and different this time with more viscosity to make this mythology more grounded but it fails to polish things out from every other perspective which leaves the audience dissatisfied in the end. Pierson’s finesse in execution is what binds this scattered script into a whole emotional act that still works for its premise that was tossed decades ago.

Streisand’s writhing performance is what makes these more than two hours worth alongwith Kristofferson’s edgy portrayal of a rockstar, the performance objective is safer if not extraordinary. Few songs, behind the scenes of a rockstar’s life, its fresh erotic installment and Streisand’s stellar performance are the high points of the feature.

A Star Is Born is probably the weakest link of the franchise but it still doesn’t suggest in any way that it’s bad, it just had a whole lot of expectancy to keep up with.

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