cathartic to the core..


A Star Is Born is a character driven drama about an actor offering the opportunity to become someone herself i.e. a singer, and finds himself falling for her as the bonding ages. The set pieces are hugely astounding and finely detailed that offers the deserved stage to its potential and promising tale. The background score is amazing and up lifted by melodious musical numbers that are well shot and choreographed and performed that decorates it on such wide scale.

The process through which it cuts down inessential bits while depicting the time passing by, can be eerie but is actually smart and works just fine. It is nonchalantly humorous with an edgy and ironical track for the almost first half off it. The inner world of Hollywood industry goes more deep and grand than its previous one and with an elaborative narrative as such, it has enough room to glorify each of these tiny moments impactfully.

The choreography is synced like a mirror, camera work is pure magical with light and bright eye-popping colors that makes it supremely and thoroughly entertaining. Garland’s portrayal is everlasting in here. She oozes power in a subtle tone and in higher notes where both, her singing and performance are equally good. She literally fuels this almost three hour of journey expressing plethora of emotions that this electrifying ride offers.

The supporting cast gets their stand out moments to fill in accordingly especially complex and befallen Mason whose drunken act is the soberest of his, with Carson as a genuine supporter. Cukor’s execution speaks for its runtime itself for not even in a single frame, he loses his grasp over the characters. Majestic and elevating music that soars across the entire feature in each and every aspect and Garland at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

A Star Is Born reveals a mellow side of it in this version despite of its gut wrenching pathos catastrophe that you know it ought to breed, it is utterly cathartic to the core.

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