it is fair and exhilarating..


A Perfect World is a character driven drama about a guy who is on a run along with an abducted child with whom he grows an unbreakable affection. The father figured Costner and a disciple of his Lowther, has an amazing chemistry to feed off the audience easily in its long course.

Distributed in long bold varied highly pitched emotional sequences the feature flows fluently where not only the verbal sparring but the silent pitches on screen too chills down the spine. Eastwood’s world in here is surprisingly calm and fair than we usually get, it doesn’t rely upon gunpowders and explosives but meaningful essential morale projected through Costner’s ideology and fair deeds.

The background score isn’t extraordinary but well crafted along with stunning cinematography and fine editing. The live locations, mesmerizing visuals and neat road trips along with stunning camera worth that elevates the momentum. The narration is elaborative with strong and exquisite script that is perfectly balanced to offer the anticipated cinematic experience especially on such large scale.

Costner oozes fair trial in his portrayal with bold nuances that you may get afraid with, adored with and be affected with instantly. Eastwood is supporting decently but fails to create the anticipated magic on screen although Dern deliver unflinchingly as always. Armed with a gritty script by Hancock’s whose details are off the hook, Eastwood offers these characters deserved and palpable surrounding where he might be weak on few sequences but never vulnerable.

The gem-like sweet and sensible conversations between Costner and Lowther, layered screenplay that enfolds eye popping revelations and Costner at the heart of it who fuels this allegory are the high points of the picture.

A Perfect World is accurately titled on terms of Costner’s track as it is fair and exhilarating equally.

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