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Tangerine is a character driven feature about a girl who is looking for his boyfriend on Christmas eve. As the premise guides you, the sense of urgency is kept alive throughout by real-time tightly packed screenplay that keeps the audience on the edge of the seat.

The structure might resemble a bit especially where the rudimentary process of investigation is concerned. But with Baker being on throne, his realm is unexpected and justified to the core where the audience wants to be fiddled by him.

And like many of his tale, this too takes mythological tale and foliates it with his raw dark theme and bold writing skills. The background score might not be accurately edited but is surely up beating and helps elevate the momentum along with decent cinematography and fine editing. It is shot beautifully with camera work that is manually handled and brimmed with bright colors.

The parallel tracks are equally gripping and exhilarating whilst demands the attention through projecting the inner world that is intriguing enough to invest in it. Chugging down the plethora of emotions that offers quite a range with the help of its multiple characters that are manipulated like a puppet.

The performance isn’t natural and the audience can feel it but is decent enough for it to grow on you. Baker’s pocket his filled with tiny notions that offers this quirky tale an appropriate gravitas and with an execution skills like his, you won’t have to check twice.

The weaving of the high pitched dramatic sequences may slow things down a bit but when it finally hits on screen, it is utterly electrifying. Few one liners, pragmatic characters and aptly written conversations are the high points of the feature.

Tangerine is definitely an essential feature both politically and cinematically, as it raises essential questions on society and the craft that ought to be explored.

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