essentially husky and cunningly crispy..


Mississippi Burning is a character driven political thriller about FBI investigation that creates havoc as they start taking matters in hand after racism increases like a fire catching forest in a town.

Depicting such a delicate concept, the feature is surprisingly bold and obviously poignant with some indelible gut wrenching visuals. And the makers in here, respects both the sides of the political aspects and walks on a fair and clear line.

Contrary to what premise promises or suggests, there is a lot more in here to explore than mere investigation procedure and no matter how rudimentary it may be, its metaphorical and satirical tone keeps the audience tangled in its pathos bubble. The background score may not be up front factoring the most, but it certainly has amazing cinematography and fine editing.

“The buddy cop” chemistry should actually be like such and it defines it with such subtle panache that leaves long gasping of air whenever they are on screen. As mentioned, the performance is revelation in here where both the lead cast going head to head is one of the primary reason why stakes communicate fluently.

Hackman has genuinely invested all his chips in with Dafoe supporting him thoroughly and McDormand proving once again why she is one of the finest actress we have. Gerolmo’s exquisite script is justified by Parker’s execution skills where he leaves no barrs while conveying the message.

The inner politics brewed within the period depicted (the tables turning half way through the tale is not only unexpected but utterly pleasing to encounter too), Hackman and Dafoe sharing wisdom through funny bits and their performance that binds it all, are the high points of the feature.

Mississippi Burning is more than the genre could title it for, as it is essentially husky and cunningly crispy for the entire majestic two hours.

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