its gritty practical approach..


Haywire is a plot driven action thriller about a spy who seeks revenge after a mission goes down and is hunted down by her fellow companions.

The choreography of all the action sequences are jaw dropping that is lethally performed which leaves the audience in an awe of it. The crisp of the feature isn’t kept alive through pummeling their way out of the track, but the thrilling ride it offers in that limited span. Chess like slick moves, characteristics of the characters and scoreboard mentality game is what keeps these characters not only intriguing and mysterious but pragmatic.

As always, Soderbergh’s pace is eerie, but he surely knows when to chew things and take it slowly and when to fasten and narrow it into one big punch. The background score can be daft at certain moments but is finely edited with decent cinematography and sharp sound effects.

The chase sequences are smarter than we usually get and so are tricks and treats that is constantly imputed in each aspects of it, to keep the audience tangled in its cruel cold bubble. At a certain point somewhere in its middle act, there aren’t any verbal content and is purely relied upon the detailed physical screenplay. As the script enfolds, it gets juicier than ever and with Soderbergh behind the camera, it is definitely not short on execution.

Carano at the heart of it, may not be the anticipated actress, but surely delivers eye popping physical sequences that one has not yet encountered and the guest actors like Douglas, McGregor, Tatum, Banderas and Fassbender holds on to their part tightly. Neat and clean visuals, live locations and gut wrenching sturdy action sequences are the high points of the feature.

Haywire is not a game changer but definitely redefines the genre by offering some real concrete material to the audience that is horrendous for its gritty practical approach.

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